My Writing

I’ve been writing seriously since 1991 when I began doing “Positive People” profiles, general features, and religious features for my local weekly newspaper. During that time, my first nationally published article appeared in Cobblestone: The History Magazine for Young People. The article was in their “George Washington” issue, which is still available for purchase on their website. That issue won a Gold Medal from the Freedom Foundation for “Excellence in Communication.”

The article described an incident that occurred at Fort Ligonier during the French and Indian War. Washington was nearly killed by his own men during a round of “friendly fire”. Interestingly, when I was in seventh grade, my family camped in Ligonier and toured the fort. Inspired by the history there, I wrote a poem which I gave to the owner of the campground. He sent it to the Ligonier paper where it became my first-ever printed piece. Fast forward 25 years–and to the publication of my first professional piece. I had come full circle!

Since then, I’ve been published in many newspapers, magazines, devotionals, and anthologies, including Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Forgiveness, Prayers for Every Need Volumes 1 and 2 (Guideposts), and my book, LifeSavers: 20 Quick and Easy-to-Use Bible Lessons for Kids (Judson Press). But my first love has always been writing for children. After being a regular contributor to an animal and nature column for Story Friends magazine (Mennonite Publishing Network), I received the opportunity to become the editor. That five-year experience of overseeing the entire production process from beginning to end, added another dimension to my writing.

I still do a good bit of inspirational and Christian writing, but my main focus lately has been on my picture book manuscripts and revising my two completed YA novels. As I’ve always worked best in an environment of variety, I also have two adult nonfiction books in the works, one on tea and one about my healing.

So–stay tuned!

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